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Camino de Crestone
An unforgettable interspiritual pilgrimage
After your Crestone Camino Perhaps you are moved enough, enthused enough, to wish to stay on in Crestone after your week-long experience of the Camino de Crestone. If so, there are a number of reasons to continue your stay: * Visit the Great Sand Dunes National Park...just down the road. * Hike some of our very accessible high country...and camp at North Crestone Creek campsites. * Take another tour:     —Crestone Artists:         Robin Ross has organized a number of artistic possibilities in touring the studios of our varied and talented Crestone artists, as well as working with one or more of them. Call her at:719-256-4182, and visit      —Crestone Sustainable Building and Sacred Architecture:          Paul Koppana, eminent builder specializing in strawbale, will take you on a tour of Crestone's many and varied examples of sustainable building.  Crestone is not only a spiritual magnet, but a mecca of alternative building initiatives as well as sacred architecture.  There's even the possibility of a hands-on building experience, as that nothing teaches like experience.  You can create your own building/design post-Camino intensive with Paul at 719-937-7756. * After-the-Camino Accommodations (see B&Bs) If you are needing a place to stay on in Crestone, there are a number of B&Bs and spiritual centers.  (See OPTIONS/Accommodation Upgrades/B&Bs and/or Spiritual Centers.)                      The following suggestions offer discounts to pilgrims who present their Pilgrim Passports.                       * Or you might want to continue in the support of retreat mode: —I AM HARMONY:  Call Kiara at 719-256-4810. (link) —Haelan LifeStream Center and Retreat; Call Dr. John Day  (719-256-5898) (link)
The Desert Foundation Sacred Passage Great Sand Dunes