What Should I Bring? • Bathing suit (optional) • Change of clothes (comfy and             with short dry time) • Excellent ear plugs • Eyemask • Flashlight • Good socks (best are wool socks) • Hat with wide brim • Hiking shoes • Inflatable air mattress • Mosquito repellent • Small Pillow & Towel • Sleeping bag (to 40 degrees) • Slippers • Soap, shampoo & detergent • Sunscreen • Sweater & jacket (dress in layers) • Toilet paper • Walking sticks, if you wish,        though the distances are not great • Watch • Water bottle(s) • long sleeve shirt and long pants • Comfortable walking shoes (no open toes) Note: Luggage transfer includes one bag or backpack (no more than 40 pounds) and one sleeping bag with sleeping pad  (sleeping bag and pad must be strapped together as one item.)  Make sure to put your name and contact information on your luggage, sleeping bag and pad.  
The Camino de Crestone LLC
Your Camino Walk (Below is for Example only and is subject to change) Let's describe your first day's walk:     Rising for a 7 AM for silent meditation, you pack your gear for a short stroll where you will be greeted with a delicious organic breakfast.     You will then walk to your next location for a morning presentation and time for meditation and/or journaling.  Lunch is provided, and then you walk to the afternoon presentation location where you may also be spending the night.  Your luggage will be there to greet you and you can settle yourself in.  After a fine dinner you will participate in the evening program followed by lights are out at 9:30.   2018 WEEK’S SCHEDULE:   Please note this schedule is subject to change but will always include something new to explore and enjoy!  There are also several other Stupas and spiritual centers along the walk where one can stop for mediation or just “feeling” the magic of the place.  Sacred geometry abounds in this valley. (click for more information pop-out)
Camino de Crestone
An unforgettable interspiritual pilgrimage
FAQs: • How long is the pilgrimage?     About 20 miles over six days and 5-nights, beginning on Sunday afternoon and ending Friday at noon. • What is the distance?     You will be walking from one to five miles a day.  And yet there is no distance, since the pilgrimage         is also about the quest for one’s true self. Is there a fee for the Camino de Crestone?      Yes, the fee covers everything… it is an all-inclusive package once you are at the starting location in      Crestone.  The nominal fee includes, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, educational presentations, a place to      stay overnight (upgrades may be possible for an additional fee), and luggage transport.  Total cost is $1,375 for 2019. • Do I have to have hiking experience?     Yes and No.  There is daily walking on dirt roads and walking paths that can have uneven grades and     minor obstacles.  There is a change in elevation (up and down) along the journey so it is important to     be in reasonably good physical health so you can enjoy your Pilgrimage.  If you have walking     challenges this is not a good choice for you.  You are also walking at elevations between 8,000 feet and     8,600 feet which can make breathing a bit more difficult.  It is a dry climate so drinking lots of water is     recommended.  We suggest you consult your physician before undertaking this Pilgrimage and that     you cultivate a regular walking practice prior to your Camino so you can really enjoy your experience.  • Will I be walking alone or with a group?     You will be walking with a small group of other pilgrims.  Your group will include 8-12 other pilgrims     along with your Guide. You can also choose to be a bit reclusive anytime by choosing to walk alone or     by wearing an “In Silence” badge that will be provide for each pilgrim. This small group dynamic is     perfect for intimate discussions and the development of deep new friendships.  Sharing these experiences with others over the course of the week is part of the magic! • Is this a spiritual or religious pilgrimage, and is there a difference?     Whether or not a person considers him/herself religious, everyone has a spiritual dimension.        Religion is the urge to belong to Life itself.  Religions are pathways of return to that eternal        belonging.  Spirit is the breath of Life in us, and spirituality implies the appreciation and pursuit of     being more fully open to the alive intelligence present with us in every moment, the same             intelligence that holds up galaxies and unfolds roses. • What if I’m an agnostic or atheist?     The Camino de Crestone is understood to be primarily educational and far more experiential than     religious, which is not to deny in the least its spiritual potential.  Everyone is invited, for the Camino de Crestone will certainly bear gifts for anyone who is interested in such an adventure. • Will any of the spiritual centers try to convert me?     Not at all.  The presentations and participative events are both informational and spiritually deep.  The     focus being on the experiences.  Consider the Camino an unforgettable spiritual education.  There is no     focus on rules and dogma, but on personal experience and meeting adepts who model the ways of       living in harmony. • What if I have special dietary needs?     We will do our best to meet your specific needs.  Please discuss them first with the Registrar before     signing up for the Camino.  Serious food allergies and other serious nutritional concerns may be     difficult to adapt to fully.  Please be clear on your registration and specific as to your requirements. • Can I do this pilgrimage by myself and not with a group, and, if so, how long will it take?     Yes.  However, many of the spiritual centers may not be prepared to meet you properly and     presentations regarding both the educational and experiential components, that are so valuable to the     Pilgrimage, will most likely not be available on an individual, drop-in basis. The Camino de Crestone is designed and scheduled for you so you can truly have the best possible experience when you visit the numerous and diverse spiritual centers included on your Pilgrimage. • Is this pilgrimage more outer or inner?     The Camino de Crestone definitely has both its horizontal and vertical dimensions, which is to say it is     a fine amalgam of both an outer journey and an inner pilgrimage.  It is designed for you to find out     more about the possibilities that exist as regard to your deeper personal interests and longings.  • Can I bring a pet?     At this time, we cannot accommodate the added demands of pets on this journey in which you will be         visiting over a dozen spiritual centers and locations. • Walking in Silence:     Every spiritual tradition appreciates silence, and makes use of silence in one or more of its     practices.  As every great musician and orator knows, silence backs all sound.  Indeed, silence is the     all-intelligent field out of which sound arises.  To know silence is, by that understanding and     wisdom, to know all of Creation. If you wish to walk in silence, there will be a badge, “In Silence”, available at the Camino de Crestone starting point.  You can wear it whenever you wish.     One or more centers might have a segment of silence, or ask that, after an evening presentation,     there be silence until morning. "There's another voice listening." ~Rumi • Walking Alone:     The opportunity to experience the Camino de Crestone by walking on your own within the group     setting is entirely possible and often desirable.  The silence of Crestone is itself like a silent prayer and     should be experienced. • What can I expect in the way of the Accommodations?     The Camino de Crestone is offered at a noticeably low cost, so that those wishing to experience     this inter-faith pilgrimage will take advantage of the opportunity.  Dormitory style is the most         common overnight accommodation; sometimes theres a bed, sometimes you’ll need your air     mattress or sleeping pad.  However, those who wish to have a private or shared room are free     to book their own accommodations near where the rest of the group will be staying (if possible).      You will be responsible for the full fee for the upgraded location and will need to walk any     additional distance on your own.  Luggage transport will be provided at the near-by selected     location.  The upgraded provider locations and their phone numbers will be provided to you     once your pilgrimage is confirmed. The providers and their phone numbers are listed below and,     once your pilgrimage is confirmed, you are invited to call each and make your own arrangements.    (over nite contacts) • Should I be concerned about walking in the wild?     Be respectful.  Crestone is rich in wildlife: Deer will not be disturbed by your presence, though they     will not eat out of your hand!  You may also see bear, mountain lion, a rare lynx, elk, antelope and     perhaps coyotes.  This is not an everyday occurrence and should not be a cause for concern.  There are     occasional snakes...but not poisonous ones.  The four-footed are not to be feared, but respected.         No one has ever been injured by a wild animal while walking the Camino and walking in a group     insures safety. • What about possible illness on the Camino de Crestone?     We have several doctors open to receiving any pilgrim requiring medical attention.  However, if you     have serious health concerns this Camino is not for you.  Please note that fees for physicians are not     included in your payment for the Camino de Crestone.  Please make sure to bring your necessary     prescribed medications.  If you cannot walk due to injury, the group leader will phone our fine EMT     services and help will come to you quickly. • What about the weather in Crestone?     Be prepared for nights in the 40s and days in the 70s-80s.  But at 8000', the sun sometimes feels hotter than at sea level or even at 5000'.  April and May can be fickle months with temperatures ranging from very pleasant to cold and windy.  August will be cool at night and warm to hot in the day. September and October are often lovely, moving from hot to warm, still with cool nights.  However, always dress in layers and be prepared for an unpredictable snow, should it happen. Rainfall:  Crestone sits above the San Luis Valley, one of the world's largest agricultural high desert regions.  It gets less than 10” of rainfall a year, so precipitation is not a significant factor for which one can plan.  However, Colorado weather (“If you don't like the weather, wait 15 minutes.”) is very changeable.  Layering your clothing is the key to being comfortable on the Camino, and being prepared for anything is always wise. • Will I have to acclimate to the altitude?     Yes, Crestone is 8000’ above sea level.  The climate is dry,  you are advised to come 1-3 days early in     order to adjust to the altitude.  Guidelines:  If you live in lowlands, plan to arrive three days early before you start walking.     If you live in altitudes from 2000'-4000', come two days early.     If you live in altitudes from 4000'-6000', come at least a day early.    You can spend a night in Denver or Albuquerque, if you fly in.  Each route has hot springs as an option  [Joyful Journey, south of Denver (info@joyfuljourneyhotsprings.com / 719-256-4328) and Ojo Caliente  (http://www.ojospa.com / 800-222-9162) north of Albuquerque and Santa Fe which could make for a delightful adventure prior to arriving in Crestone.  We ask you to take the above advice seriously.  Altitude sickness can include flue like symptoms and severe headaches.  Always drink lots of water as you acclimate to the altitude.  You will then be sure to enjoy every minute of this wonderful internal and external pilgrimage.   Buen Camino!