Crestone is not ‘on the way’ to anywhere.  Yet it is not difficult to find.  Please do note that Crestone's elevation is 8000-feet above sea level, so please refer to Acclimatization in the FAQ section.      NOTE: If you arrive at the Dragon Mountain Temple between 2pm & 2pm                       on the Saturday that your Camino starts, you will have the chance to meet                the pilgrims that are finishing their Camino.        BY AIR:  You will want to fly into Denver International Airport, a 4-hour drive from Crestone, or into Albuquerque, which, though a nearly 5-hour drive, does not necessitate driving over  over any mountain passes.      There are morning and evening flights into Alamosa, an hour's drive from Crestone.  Our Camino Administrator has a list of several persons who, for $40, will pick you up and bring you to your pilgrimage starting point at Dragon Mountain Temple.      (You will need to request such a service in your REGISTRATION.) BY CAR: Crestone is a 3-hour drive from Santa Fe, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Durango.  It is a 4-hour drive from Boulder and also from Denver International Airport, where you can rent a car.  Add a hour if you're flying into Albuquerque and renting a vehicle. BY BUS:   You can bus from Denver on the Black Hills Stage line, about a $34 trip one-way, or $32 for seniors.  Buses leave once a day at 2 PM from the downtown bus station.  You can go as far as Moffat, which is still 8 miles from your starting point.  Hitch-hiking is generally easy, or perhaps our Camino Administrator can arrange a ride for $15.  (Please request this in your REGISTRATION.)
Arrival We travel so many roads... looking for that greenest vale, a tree growing out of a rock, the mountainside protected and higher than everything around. If we find that which no photo can capture, we sit, listen, feel what green is, shake our head in amazement, gaze out in near disbelief. The pilgrim walks to never leave, every footfall an arrival at what has always been waiting.
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Camino de Crestone
An unforgettable interspiritual pilgrimage
Directions: From:  CO Hwy 17 turn East (at south side of Moffat, CO) on Road 'T' toward Crestone. Drive 8 miles (Road 'T' will make 4 turns in the road. Pass Casita park, White Eagle Lodge, and a 9-hole golf course--all on the left. Turn left at sign saying "POA" and bend right, not entering the POA parking lot. This dirt road (Camino de Oro) heads east with a fence ahead. Take first left (before fence) and go up the slight hill. Less than 1/2 mile ahead, the driveway into the Temple and the sign are on the left. Welcome.
“By the last day, I was sad it was going to be over.”   ~Cora V, Oakham, MA