Camino de Crestone
“The planet’s first inter-faith pilgrimage”
“The planet’s first inter-faith pilgrimage”
2013: Join us in Making History.

While most of the spiritual centers at the foot of the sacred Sangre de Cristo Mountains have been in place for nearly thirty years, 2013 is the Camino de Crestone’s Inaugural Year.  The great pilgrimages of the world—in India, Japan, Spain and England—are now joined by the world's first inter-faith pilgrimage in the international village of Crestone.
     As that time seems to be speeding up, the events taking place in our world escalating in drama, meaning and ramifications, the need for an inter-faith pilgrimage grows in timeliness and importance.
Since the impulse represented by religion represents the deepest human urge to belong, to relate and to know, the motion towards inter-religious harmony becomes all the more vital.  Given that most of the wars on our planet have for thousands of years been fought on the basis of announced religious conflicts, our human family deeply needs inter-religious tolerance, inter-religious respect…and even inter-religious admiration. 
Join the world’s first inter-faith Camino.  It promises to be an historic venture on your spiritual journey—life’s greatest of all adventures.
     Amid some of the best of Colorado, a village unique in all the world beckons you to experience ashrams, zendos, stupas, retreats, labyrinths, temples, sweat  lodges, sanctuaries and much more…all in 40 kilometers and all for $800.
     Walking a mapped route (inspiring though not taxing), you need not be an experienced hiker.  Nor need you define yourself as religious or even particularly spiritual.   This pilgrimage is designed to be a grand opportunity, one that is life-affirming, an education [educere (L.) means “To bring forth, to lead out”] unlike any other.
As our human family grows more global, so its religions are being understood in their unity even as their diversity gets more obviously expressed.   Our planet’s authentic religious traditions are like wells into a shared aquifer: While the locale of each well is different, the water they draw is the same.  So, too, with human beings:  We are like all others…yet are unique in ourselves. 
Crestone’s Camino pilgrimage is offered in the spirit of religious unity and diversity.  You will be visiting 15 different centers in a week-long experience geared to be educational, clarifying and richly thorough without being burdening or dogmatic. 
Unforgettable Days
You are invited inward…and outward…in a week-long quest for meaning, for understanding, for direct experience, for freedom and truth.  Such a journey gains authenticity from the dedication of body, mind and spirit to pilgrimage.ashrams, zendos, stupas, retreats, labyrinths, temples, sweat  lodges, sanctuaries and much more…
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What better could you do in a week?   Just $100+ a day for everything!