Camino de Crestone
An unforgettable interspiritual pilgrimage
2014: LINKS CAMINO de CRESTONE articles: * Elephant Journal article pilgrimage-william-howell/ * The Huffington Post article the-worlds-first-full-interfaith-pilgrimage_b_3187096.html/ * Salida Daily Post article &id=25087 CAMINO de CRESTONE blogs: * Frederico Diaz Caballero's Camino de Santiago Blog Site * Yaz Rooney's The Road to Santiago Blog Site There is a link on the contents page Also in the Links page these-links.html And this is the page itself where the article appears: is a global network of committed citizens representing a wide cross sector of activism and interests, mobilizing and unifying to envision, create, and act together for a better world. ScSEED ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT  |  ENVIRONMENT  |  COMMUNITY
Six Unforgettable Days You are invited inward…and outward…in this extended quest for meaning, for understanding, for direct experience, for freedom and truth.  Such a journey gains authenticity from the dedication of body, mind and spirit to pilgrimage. ashrams, zendos, stupas, retreats, labyrinths, temples, sweat  lodges, sanctuaries and much more…
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“Life-affirming and life-transforming!” ~Mark N, Columbia, MO