Camino de Crestone
“The planet’s first inter-faith pilgrimage”
“The planet’s first inter-faith pilgrimage”

If you are wishing to make a PERSONAL PILGRIMAGE, you are most welcome to do so.  The presentation/event/meditations cannot be offered except to group participants.
The audio-tour is available to every pilgrim.

Fees for Making a 'Personal Camino'
*Sign up at White Eagle and pay registry fee $   3
*Get Pilgrim Passport (if desired) $   3
*Rent audio-tour (+ a $100 deposit, refunded when unit is returned) $ 70
*Rent fee/day for tent/sleeping bag/pad (if needed)           $  12/11/6
*Buy Camino de Crestone map $   4
*Pay for meals: (with Pilgrim Passport) Breakfasts       $   8
Lunches          $  12
Dinners           $  15
*Overnight Accommodations: (with Pilgrim Passport)       Tenting at sites:  $  10
  --Townhouses:  Accommodations of Choice (719) 256-4242 
  --A List of B&Bs: 
Crestone ? (Cal Cally)
The Silver Star on Panorama
The Coll House    on Moonlight
Enchanted Forest on Enchanted Way
The Beetch House on Wagon Wheel
Dome Sweet Home    on Rarity
(Call ahead for reservations: contact information given online)
(***Will drive pilgrims to Camino)

*What of food and water?  You'll need to carry your own
(can be purchased in Crestone)
*Restaurants:  The Bliss Cafe
Cho Ku Rei (golf course)
Desert Sage
The Farmer's Table
Secret Garden

You can also phone the following volunteer  ACCs [Amigos del Camino de Crestone] to see if you can stay with  one of these hospitable Crestone residents. ( Note that a payment to your host may or may not be required, so do be clear on this matter).
*Parvin & Patricia Johnson (north Chalet I)
*Malina Feder (south Chalet II)

Unforgettable Days
Amid some of the best of Colorado, at the foot of the sacred Sangre de Cristos, a village unique in all the world beckons you to experience ashrams, zendos, stupas, retreats, labyrinths, temples, sweat  lodges, sanctuaries and much more…
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