Pilgrimage Boughs made of sunlight's water, water's air and air's radiance never leave their root. We, passing by, thinking we are getting somewhere and making good time, cannot nod to each and every one or even to each cottonwood, juniper and       cedar. How then can we can we touch all that reaches up and out to us? Walking with our heart and letting feet follow empties all such burdens.
The schedule for the Camino de Crestone involves 7 days of the following elements:    • Three excellent meals a day    • Walking (about 2 to 8 km/day, or 1-5 miles a day)    • Audio-tour talks (1 – 3 per day)    • Presentations    • Meditations    • Experiential participations    • Rest    • The possibility to wash clothes    • Journaling    • Usually up by 7 AM    • Lights out by 9:30 PM **Booking Dates are from June through September in seven-day segments,     please check the Calender below to see if the week you’d like is open, only seven to fourteen guests allowed per week, plus up to three tenters. ***Given that the nature of manifest life is to change, the Camino de Crestone may without prior announcement need to shift in route and/or in schedule--and, if so, every effort will be made to maintain the fullness of your pilgrim experience.
The Camino de Crestone is offered under the auspices of Sanctuary House, a 501(c)3  copyright ©  Camino de Crestone 2012 & Beyond
The Camino de Crestone has been made as inviting as possible, not only in terms of schedule, but also in terms of cost.  This site is where, should you wish to be a pilgrim, you will register on the Registration page.  The fee for your entire seven-day spiritual adventure --meals, lodging, presentations and events-- is $800, which can be paid all at once or in two or four installments. There’s something awaiting your here on this inter-faith pilgrimage, and the cost wants to present no obstacle
Camino de Crestone
An unforgettable interspiritual pilgrimage