Camino de Crestone
“The planet’s first inter-faith pilgrimage”
“The planet’s first inter-faith pilgrimage”

The schedule for the Camino de Crestone involves 7 days of the following elements:
* Three excellent meals a day
* Walking (about 2- 3 miles a day, with one day being less than a mile and one
day being nearly 5 miles).
* Audio-tour talks (1 – 4 per day)
* Presentations
* Meditations
* Experiential participations
* Rest
* The possibility to wash clothes
* Journaling
* Up by 7 AM
Lights out by 9:30 PM

Photo of Zen Center

Unforgettable Days
Amid some of the best of Colorado, at the foot of the sacred Sangre de Cristos, a village unique in all the world beckons you to experience ashrams, zendos, stupas, retreats, labyrinths, temples, sweat  lodges, sanctuaries and much more…
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