SPECIAL CAMINO:  This May (2014), the Camino de Crestone hosted a “special pilgrimage.” Matt Flickstein, longtime teacher of Insight Meditation, brought 15 teachers of meditation whom he mentors to Crestone for one week to sit with 'clear teachers' here every morning. The purpose of the six teacher-to-teacher interactions was to for these teachers of meditation to pose questions on how they might better instruct their students and more deeply and without attachment perform their station as spiritual guides. To balance this visionary intensive retreat, which opted out of the walking dimension of the Camino de Crestone, the afternoons were for hikes, for a sweat lodge, for visiting the Great Sand Dunes and for touring some of Crestone's spiritual centers. Reports from both the visiting teachers and those whom they interviewed were glowing and deeply appreciative.  Might you have a “special camino” that would fulfill the aspirations of a group which you sponsor or with which you are associated?  If so, consider contacting the Camino de Crestone. You needn't have your vision completely worked out, for the Camino de Crestone staff will gladly assist—with accommodations, with meals, with tours and other outings. We'll try to make your “special Camino” special by designing elements which you and your group would find most important.
WALKING ALONE I met a pilgrim who walked far enough to know he never walked alone. Then it didn't matter if he stopped or continued on.
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