Where Does My Tuition Go?      The $800 tuition—payable online at registration (can be paid in installments)--is meant to be inviting to anyone wishing to participate in this unique educational opportunity.       Part of the ethic of the Camino de Crestone is to support spiritual centers and leaders, as well as innkeepers, restaurateurs and artists in the Crestone community.      All meals, presentations and overnight s, the walk itself and the 20-part audio-tour, and the Camino Mapbook and Pilgrim Passport that will serve as your guide (along with the many signs, stakes and cairns) are included in this tuition. The Camino budget covers the following:                                              (in $/pilgrim)    * meals (a week's worth of breakfasts, lunches & dinners) = $255    * 18 presentations = $225    * 7 overnights + administration = $121    * salary to the Camino Administrator = $ 50    * nominal payments to CEOLP, KTTG, video-taped presenters, Town of Crestone and POA = $ 30    * Camino contingency fund (for signage repairs, printing) = $ 25    * payment on non-interest loan = $ 25    * Paypal 2.9% fee for credit-card on-line registrations = $ 24    * wood for sweat lodge = $ 24    * donation to Sanctuary House (founder, funder & non-profit sponsor of this Camino) = $ 21                                                                                                                                                                         $800 
The Camino de Crestone is offered under the auspices of Sanctuary House, a 501(c)3  copyright ©  Camino de Crestone 2012 & Beyond
Camino de Crestone
An unforgettable interspiritual pilgrimage
“A true experience in Nature and Spirit and Comradeship...” ~Martha V, Oakham, MA  
“We are so fortunate to have such presenters —they're really over the top.” ~Howarth Ostler, Crestone, CO