Pilgrimage Boughs made of sunlight's water, water's air and air's radiance never leave their root. We, passing by, thinking we are getting somewhere and making good time, cannot nod to each and every one or even to each cottonwood, juniper and       cedar. How then can we can we touch all that reaches up and out to us? Walking with our heart and letting feet follow empties all such burdens.
Let's describe your first day's walk:     Rising for a 7 AM for silent meditation, you pack your gear for a short stroll where you will be greeted with a delicious organic breakfast.     You will then walk to your next location for a morning presentation and time for meditation and/or journaling.  Lunch is provided, and then you walk to the afternoon presentation location where you may also be spending the night.  Your luggage will be there to greet you and you can settle yourself in.  After a fine dinner you will participate in the evening program followed by lights are out at 9:30.  2018 WEEK’S SCHEDULE:  Please note this schedule is subject to change but will always include something new to explore and enjoy!  There are also several other Stupas and spiritual centers along the walk where one can stop for mediation or just “feeling” the magic of the place.  Sacred geometry abounds in this valley.                             The CAMINO de CRESTONE (Starts on a Saturday)   Day 1—Register, dinner at the Sacred Arts Club and an evening welcoming program t hat includes a presentation of Sacred Dance. Day 2—Sunday:  (.5 mi.)  Visit the KTTG Stupa after breakfast continue on to Shumei for a program and Joh Rei session then back to Sacred Arts for lunch - In the afternoon there will be a purification Sweat Lodge at Singing Stone.  The evening will include a talk on the unique history of Crestone and why there are so many diverse spiritual centers here. Day 3—Monday [3.0 mi]:  Haidikhandi Universal Ashram (HUA) for a program and lunch.  After lunch visit Crestone Mountain Zen Center (CMZC) for the afternoon and then back to HUA for the evening Arati dinner and sleep. Day 4—Tuesday  [1.0 mi]:  Arati Fire Ceremony, breakfast, seva and lunch at HUA – Walk to Chamma Ling for an afternoon program and then back to HUA for dinner with an evening program and discussion. Day 5—Wednesday  [3.5 mi] Arati Fire Ceremony, Journaling, breakfast, seva, lunch (HUA) After lunch walk to town and then on to Way of Nature for an afternoon program.  Dinner and then an evening program on Nature/Art/Science & Religion – plus an Episcopal Church Service at the Little Shephard in the Hills Church. Day 6—Thursday [2.5 mi]:  Sri Aurobindo Learning Center (SALC) breakfast – Lunch with Ginny Ducal and then afternoon Arting the Sacred presentation – on to the Tekke House where you will stay for an evening of Sufi Zikr and then sleep. Day 7—Friday [1.5 mi]:  Meditation, breakfast, presentation at the Spiritual Life Center and after lunch on to the I am Harmony location then continuing on to the Sacred Arts Club for dinner and a Review of your Camino Experience. Day 8—Saturday [.5 mi]:  to James O’Dea House for the final morning session – back to Sacred Arts Club for lunch and departure … Buen Camino!
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Camino de Crestone
An unforgettable interspiritual pilgrimage