Pilgrimage Boughs made of sunlight's water, water's air and air's radiance never leave their root. We, passing by, thinking we are getting somewhere and making good time, cannot nod to each and every one or even to each cottonwood, juniper and       cedar. How then can we can we touch all that reaches up and out to us? Walking with our heart and letting feet follow empties all such burdens.
This is a typical day on your pilgrimage:  Rising for a 7 AM gentle yoga practice and silent meditation (optional), pack your gear for transport and then enjoy a simple organic breakfast.     You will then walk to your next location for a morning presentation and time for meditation and/or journaling.  Lunch is provided, you then walk to the afternoon presentation location where you may also be spending the night.  Your luggage will be there to greet you and you can settle yourself in.  Prior to dinner a T’ai Chi Chih practice is offered (optional) and  after dinner you will participate in the evening program followed by lights out at 9:30 PM.  2019 6-DAY SCHEDULE:  Please note this schedule is subject to change but will always include something new to explore and enjoy!  There are also several other Stupas and spiritual centers along the walk where one can stop for mediation or to just “feel” the magic of the place.  Sacred geometry abounds in this valley.                             The CAMINO de CRESTONE (Starts on a Sunday Afternoon)   Day 1— Sunday:  Registration at the Sacred Arts Club.  Meet your fellow pilgrims - take a stroll with your Guide and group to the Ziggaurat to set your intention for the pilgrimage.  There will be a *T’ai Chi Chih practice (optional) late afternoon, followed by dinner and an evening introduction to Crestone and the pilgrimage.  Lights out by 9:30 PM. Day 2— Monday:  (approximately 5 miles)  Begin the day with a gentle yoga practice and meditation (optional) After breakfast walk to the Nada Hermitage for a talk on the Carmelites, visit the Chapel and enjoy lunch.  After lunch walk the Stations of the Cross and continue on to the Golden Light Sufi Circle for a late afternoon T’ai Chi Chih practice (optional), dinner and an evening introduction to Sufiism and Salat. Day 3—Tuesday:  (approximately 3.0 miles)  Early morning yoga and meditation (optional), breakfast and then a walk to the Sri Aurobindo Learning Center for a talk and participation in a Sacred Arts morning program  followed by lunch.  The afternoon offers an optional walk into the town of Crestone or a special afternoon yoga practice. There will be an optional T’ai Chi Chih practice late afternoon and then a pot luck community dinner at Sri Auobindo’s.  The evening program will be in the Savatri Dome. Day 4—Wednesday:  (approximately 3.25 miles)  Early morning yoga and meditation (optional) followed by breakfast and a walk to the Little Stupa, a visit to Chamma Ling and then on to the Haidakhandi Universal Ashram for lunch.  We will particpate in afternoon seva, optional T’ai Chi Chih practice and then dinner.  The evening will include a fire ceremony and a chance to expereince the beautiful night skies. Day 5—Thursday:  (approximately 6.25 miles) An early morning Arati Fire Ceremony, is followed by breakfast and a walk to Lindisfarne Dome and on to Shumei for an educational program, chant and a Jyorei treatment.  After lunch at Shumei we will walk to the KTTG Stupa for contemplation, meditation and journalling.  From here we return to our starting location, the Sacred Arts Club.  There will be an optional afternoon T’ai Chi Chih practice followed by dinner and a Sacred Dance Performance. Day 6—Friday:  (approximately 1.5 miles) A special morning Natcha Yoga practice (optional) followed by breakfast and a meditation program at the Vajra Vida Temple.  We then walk to hear James O’Dea provide us with some closing thoughts.  We end out pilgrimage with a closing ceremony and sharing at the Sacred Arts Club where we began.  Buen Camino! There are several additional options for folks who are planning to stay longer in Crestone…. ask your Guide for suggestions and additional information.  *  T’ai Chi Chih is a simple moving meditation consisting of 19 moves and one pose.  It activates, circulates, balances and stores the “Chi” our intrinsic energy and essence.
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Camino de Crestone
An unforgettable interspiritual pilgrimage